When does a soul become negative?

QUESTION: Masters is every human being born as pure light? Or do some come in as dark humans/souls? I understand that souls come in from light unconditional love without memory to complete their journey, so while they are in a womb and then born do they remain pure light? When entering this earth plane of duality at what point can and do the human and/or soul begin to pick up the dark energies of earth? I have run across many mean children. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Negativity exists only on Earth. When a soul is preparing to come into a body for a human experience, it chooses all the circumstances surrounding its human life such as sex, location, propensities for the family, etc., so it prepares the staging for its chosen lessons. If a soul wishes to experience all aspects of negativity, it could have the energy waiting for it at birth.

The soul itself is unconditionally loving energy, so all negativity must come from the physical outside and be attached after entry into the Earth plane, possibly even in the womb or immediately after birth. It is very rare for it to occur in that fashion, but it is possible. Normally, having set up to become enmeshed in negativity, a soul will be born to parents who are negativity lovers themselves.

After birth, the human experience starts with the soul creating a belief system by which it will live. The human who is in an atmosphere of hatred or negativity accepts that that is the way things are, and their beliefs become shrouded in all things negative, including meanness, hatred, disrespect, and betrayal.

Once the beliefs are set, they shape the personality of even a tiny child. Until the person reaches an age at which they are aware of the difference between positive and negative energy – if they ever reach that state – they act based on their beliefs. This is what you have observed. The soul is still unconditionally loving, but the human façade is pure negativity, and it can occur at any age.

In the human society, negativity is the default setting for humanity. Everyone listens to their ego and wants to be better than, richer than, more powerful than everyone else. It is only those studying a spiritual path who recognize the fruitlessness of a negative lifestyle and strive for a positive loving existence. Give the children a chance to see if they can do away with their parents’ beliefs and find goodness.