How can I enjoy an illusion?

QUESTION: Masters I have difficulty in having joy in life since I know there is no ultimate point to it and everything is an illusion. I can’t stop my mind from analyzing things from this perspective and everything seems empty. I don’t understand God’s Love or how can God even exist from nothing. I worry about existing, not existing, eternity. How can I enjoy life? ~Caroline, Brazil

ANSWER: Why do you think you came to Earth? Yes, everything you are experiencing is an illusion you created to enable the lessons you wished to work through. Part of your illusion is to decide if you wish to be sad or joyful. By questioning the possibilities as you are doing, you are choosing to deprive yourself of happiness because you haven’t chosen to let yourself enjoy life.

The mind is the product of society, using the belief systems you have accepted from its judgmental rule and allowing the human ego to make your choices for you. All egos respond only to the effects of judging, grading, and rating every action the mind encounters. It takes you away from the awareness of unconditional love since it can only decide between negative and positive energies within the duality of Earth.

The ultimate point to your – and anyone else’s – illusion is providing the exact circumstances necessary to see your chosen life lessons. If you do not wish to fulfill the reason you came, then maintain the opinion you express here. If you do want to gain the wisdom of your soul’s essence, then live life and let the tests come to you.

There is no judgmental man in a white robe who is the head of organized religions and is known as God, Jehovah, Allah, etc. Once out of the duality of Earth, all souls are amorphous, unconditionally loving energy, devoid of any form of negativity.

Why worry about something over which you have no control? You are an eternal soul who is currently engaged in undertaking a human lifetime. Once finished with this human body, you will leave in your energetic state and decide what you want to do next.

Allow yourself to relax, decide how you want to create the next phase of this human existence, and then manifest it. You can choose to be happy, sad, or constantly anxious – the decision is yours.