Changing previously made plans

QUESTION: Masters, thanks so much for the guidance. I know I have chosen a very difficult path for me regarding romantic relationships (or the lack of them). I understand that we choose our own lessons before we come to Earth, but what happens when we (as humans) would rather not experience it anymore because it is too difficult? I have been reading answers in this website, but it seems that the only way of changing circumstances is by learning our lessons and growing. I have been doing a lot of self-work for years, but my singlehood has not changed. I appreciate the positive changes in my life, but I am really overwhelmed with doing this growth thing and things have not changed at all which is discouraging. I want a great relationship. Could you please shed some light on whether we can change our own soul’s plan? ~Nivea, Brazil

ANSWER: Since you have total freedom of choice, you can change the way your life plays out as long as you are not interfering with one of the major life lessons from that lifetime. For instance, if you wanted to be an opera singer but your vocal cords could not vibrate in a way that was pleasing to others, you would not be able to accomplish that. The lesson in such a situation would be that you wanted to learn what disappointment felt like and find other abilities that satisfied your cravings.

Part of your desire for a partner is so that you have someone else to make decisions for you. You want to shift responsibility for some aspects of life to another, because you feel this is the way life should be as constantly extolled by society. Well, your major lesson is to assume responsibility for life, to find a way to be totally independent of all others. You have not reached that step because you feel you are not complete until you have a partner sharing the load, and that is contrary to your lesson.

You have choices and can change direction at any time. You can freeze-frame your life where it is and not continue working on your lessons, or you can move ahead since you already know what your desired purpose was in this lifetime. Either approach is possible.

Stopping the forward movement would not necessarily accomplish what you want – a partner – because the energy around you would be one of defeat, and who gets attracted to a loser? First understanding what it is like to be independent does not prevent you from then gathering a sharing partner who will want to share your completed accomplishment with you.