What does “being guided” mean?

QUESTION: Masters, my wife and I worked together as Clairvoyant mediums for over twenty years until her passing in 2014. I have felt since Peggy passed away that my life has been guided by spirit and not always in the most pleasant of ways, choosing where I am living and who I am meeting and also when reading books, I have paragraphs and chapters highlighted as the ones that I should be reading and Invariably the books are exactly what I need. I have been aware of spirit telling me to slow down and to not take any actions in life that would change my situation. They say that I am in the right place and what I need to do will come to me in good time. I have been told that I am being lovingly and firmly guided. As time has passed I wonder if I am letting my subconscious mind deceive me. What is your view point of my situation? ~Graham, United Kingdom

ANSWER: During the time that you functioned as a voice for the Other Side, they believed that you wished to hear from them for the assistance they could provide to your clients. They assumed that once you separated from that activity, you were ready to move on to something else. But, since you had worked so closely together, they remained as part of your team handling life issues – now, for you alone.

No guide, master, or soul spirit can tell you what to do, make decisions for you, punish or reward you for your activities unless you have given them permission. Even with this allowance in place, you have freedom of choice and can ignore the advice, just say no, or argue/discuss alternatives whenever you wish.

The over-riding activity they would like you to see as beneficial is to slow down, since you are in new territory, so that you can completely “feel” the options available. For all the years you worked with your wife and them, you were on accepting auto-pilot. It is now enrichment time, and the choices and direction are up to you.

At all times a soul is exactly where it needs to be to experience what it has chosen. You have the possibility of using and expanding your connection to spirit, if you so choose, or decreasing the number of suggestions from them and going it more alone from now on.

Your subconscious is not making the decisions; it is your conscious mind that directs you. Your communication with spirit has always come through as a knowing that appears to be your subconscious, but it is not. It will feel like a deception only if the decisions do not resonate with you. As they say, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, turn a molehill into a mountain, or make things more difficult than they have to be.

Peggy has joined the “team” so some of the apparent “pushing” is coming from her.