Kundalini affected by meditation

QUESTION: Masters I’m practicing more meditation in order to put my life in to balance as sometimes I feel like I need to phase out from this reality to calm and clear my head. But I’ve got a good question for you,  when I relax I can give myself  goosebumps through breath control also doing that I feel there is a rising chill from my spine towards to my head (comfortable and relaxing sometimes feeling tickly as well 🙂 ) going up from bottom of my body, Did I achieve something that I didn’t know? Its helping a lot, mainly to make decisions in my career and progress so I would like to say that thank you in advance. ~Matty, UK

ANSWER: Removing oneself from the reality of the third dimension, with all its negativity, is necessary in order to connect with the essence of your soul, which is unconditional love. You have started a practice that rids you of all negativity, allowing you total control over the energy that surrounds your physical body.

Within the body is an energy called the kundalini, which is your pure essence or love. Most souls having a physical experience never learn to activate this flow, which is coiled near the root chakra and can rise up to the crown chakra to sensitize the whole physical body to unconditional love. In this state there is no negativity, and nothing interferes with being in the presence of Source energy.

This Source energy allows you to use all the powers and abilities that being a piece of Source affords you. You have seen the results with being able to “feel” what is needed by you and manufacturing success as never before possible. Continue with this meditation and envision what else you want your life to develop into. You are creating the reality in which you are living now. Keep going.