Can’t we be successful in all things at once?

QUESTION: Masters I came from a financially struggling family, however I got good education and prospered, going abroad and having good jobs and a relatively prosperous financial and professional life. Years ago, my girlfriend and I discovered we were having a baby. I returned to Brazil, married her and have a happy family life, but my professional life went down and down I did not manage to reestablish myself here. Why this is happening? What do I have to learn with that and when this will be finished? Can we have happiness in all sectors of life simultaneously or we have always some challenge in one field? I had a stable financial and professional life, but an unstable family life. Now it is the other way around. Can’t we have it all? ~João, Brazil

ANSWER: Each soul determines what lessons it wishes to learn in each lifetime. You chose to experience discernment, having faith in yourself, taking responsibility for your choices, and not being afraid to change direction when it is necessary to accomplish what you wish.

Whenever you make a major directional change, you are starting all over again. Returning to Brazil to take care of your responsibilities for your family, you chose to start all over again in your professional life since, after marrying your wife, you did not return to where you had found financial success.

This all happened so that you would examine your choices and see if there was some way, out of the belief system under which you grew up, that would benefit you better. You had learned how to break out of the financial struggle that was the pattern of your family when you removed yourself from their influence. Back in Brazil, you took up where you were in your youth.

It is not imperative that you leave Brazil, but you must rid yourself of the beliefs that have gotten you back where you started. You create your own reality, so manufacture a life where you are successful. There is no spiritual restriction that says you are limited in your successes in one life.

Every time you make a decision, question why you are making it. If it doesn’t seem to resonate with you, then you are choosing based on old patterns and beliefs rather than because it will accomplish what you want. Always ask: Why am I doing this? Why am I staying with this job? Why are we living where we are? What are the possible choices for me that will increase my finances? You can have it all if it resonates with your life.