Unwanted guests

QUESTION: Masters am I experiencing spirit possession syndrome? When this started three different spirits/guides showed themselves to me. Then they started talking to me, and I can no longer think. I can feel them take over my body and controlling what I do. Him, or they (I don’t know) knows everything about me, and what I have experienced in life. They talk about there being another chapter and what will happen. Is there any truth to this? Who is talking to me and how can I make it stop? ~Merete, Norway

ANSWER: In your search for knowledge and understanding, you have allowed three discarnate spirits to inhabit your body. Whatever you wish to call it, they are trying to exert total control over your life. They are not beings of light but are completely negative.

Once an entity enters your physicalness, it has access to everything in your conscious and unconscious mind; that is why these spirits know everything. It is like someone who has gained access to your computer: they see all the programs it contains and everything you have written and researched. They then have the ability to rewrite various materials within the computer to do what they desire, regardless of your wishes.

Unless you wish this to continue, you must revoke their permission to be a part of you. Spirits cannot come in without some type of permission. You allowed them in when you began a discourse with them. It did not look like an invite to you, but to them it was the door being flung completely open.

The next chapter they would like to see happen is their being able to dictate all of your actions so that they are almost living their own lives through the use of your body. But the body is yours. Who is in control is up to you. The first thing you must do is get help in removing these spirits.

Seek out a healer who has experience in spirit removal. In the meantime, cleanse yourself of all negativity. When you start thinking negative thoughts, stop yourself, and bring in the most loving experience you have ever had. Bathe your body with sea salt, baking soda, and vinegar. Burn incense and candles, and always have the intention in your mind that these discarnates are no longer welcome and must move on.