Making a connection

QUESTION: Masters, out of friendship and support I once attended a friend’s church. During the “communion” I had a vision of being back in time with Jesus. He was standing on a small boulder near a seashore, surrounded by people, inviting them to “join the righteous.” I experienced a feeling of unconditional love so great that words don’t really describe it. After this vision, to my extreme surprise I very clearly heard a male voice which told me very lovingly of my value and how I should only be with others that treat me to this standard. Was this my higher self? A guardian angel or Jesus himself? What opened this channel of communication with such certainty and clarity? ~S., USA

ANSWER: The energy within your friend’s church gathering allowed you to transport yourself into your memories of past lives, one of which was at the time the soul known as Jesus inhabited the planet. Some of what you experienced was pure re-creation of your history, and a small portion was influenced by the thinking of those around you.

The “join the righteous” phrase came from the latter. Jesus was an enlightened soul who did not function in the duality of negativity and positivity. A judgment decision about “righteousness” and “wrongness” was not in his vocabulary. He honored everyone’s right to make decisions based on their spiritual journeys without any judgment whatsoever.

The unconditional love that you felt is the energy present within the realm of Source, souls, and even the human universe removed from negativity. You may always re-enter this place of your origin. Within the human experience it may be done under hypnosis, within a deep meditation, or as a stage of your life after you have abandoned all negative actions and dedicated yourself to an unconditionally loving existence.

The voice was that of a guide of yours, whom you had been ignoring, trying to teach you to understand that you are a piece of Source energy with all the same powers and abilities. He explained that you should accept that fact and not allow others to deter you from enjoying this life experience.

You have no doubt heard the phrase “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”? You have reached a point of seeing and mostly understanding the lessons you chose for this life and can now move on to integrating your wisdom from this life with your past lives.

You are at a turning point in your life. You may continue on as you have from the beginning of this lifetime, or you may manifest the types of experiences from which you may better understand this whole human life-lesson thing. The important thing is that you take charge of your life and the decisions that are made.