Connected to energy

QUESTON: Masters. I’m a middle-aged woman. Since childhood I’ve been able to predict things, see dreams that come true later and have prevented certain things from happening. I’ve always been ill and sickly, from infancy to 12 years or so I had violent epilepsy that consumed my life and then it just stopped. My womb has been taken out and I’ve had back surgery. I studied to be a nurse but now can’t do anything physical. Death has always surrounded me, most my relatives, past companions, dead. I can feel the energies of people and people ALWAYS seek help from me, even strangers. I’ve just had this strong interest and connection to the metaphysical, to the spiritual elements of things. So my question is, could I become a healer? What could my mission on this Earth be? ~Heli, Finland

ANSWER: All souls have the same mission while in a physical form: to learn the lessons they chose before coming, and to get to know exactly what the nature of being a soul entails. Your lessons include physical ailments and understanding that they do not define who you are. Some people with difficulties let the definition of their disease identify who they are and how they interact with those around them. You saw each condition as something to overcome while living your life.

The work you envisioned for your lifetime involves energy and communication between the dimensions. Physical bodies are healed by realigning the various functions of the body to return them to the pattern from which they started. You unconsciously have done this for yourself, and you transmit energy out to others to assist them. In other words, you have been doing healing for quite some time. This ability to transfer energy to others is why strangers are drawn to you – they feel you are a healing spot.

There is no perfect way to balance the body, no one form of “energetic healing.” They all involve the use of universal life-force energy to restructure the misaligned parts. No special training is needed to fulfill this ability. The intention of the person who is activating the energy, as well as the intention of the recipient, determines the degree of shifting, or healing, that occurs.

Those with whom you were close who have transitioned are available to assist you to start to feel the flow of energy. Read a little of the material out there that talks about various methods that have worked for others, and develop your own connection to the flow. Practice, and the skill is yours.