Caesarean vs vaginal delivery

QUESTION: Masters I would like to enlighten me on what differentiates children born of Caesarean delivery, the born vaginally, with respect to divine protection. One therapist told me about contracts that the dark side is with those born by Caesarean section. I did the therapy session together with my daughter, but then came me all doubts. Did I do well? And yet he told me that eight out of ten children who are currently incarnated come to the service of evil. I would like to have your understanding in this matter. ~Cristina, Portugal

ANSWER: All souls who inhabit humans when they are born are pieces of Source energy and therefore a part of the universe. There is no difference between the essence of one and that of another. All have guides and angels helping them on their journeys, when requested, and not one is forced to do anything they had not previously considered and chosen.

The experience of a Caesarean section delivery is more the choice of the mother rather than the baby. The mother faces all kinds of mental and emotional issues surrounding the inability to have a vaginal (natural) delivery, which fulfill the requirements of the mother’s life lessons. Unless the child is in distress, the soul just observes what is occurring.

Contracts concerning life issues are made before birth, when the soul is still in the unconditional love of the universe. There is absolutely no negative energy present in that environment, so it is impossible for a soul to make a contract with a negative force that cannot exist outside of the Earth duality. Since there is no “dark side” at Home, and the child does not choose the Caesarean for the mother, what you have been told is not correct.

Souls may choose to come in order to experience evil as a life lesson. Their job then is to see the negativity and choose to exchange it for positive love energy. All life lessons start in negativity, so it may be said that children begin in an energy of evil, but that has nothing to do with how they enter into the world – whether through the birth canal or surgical intervention.