Choice of homosexuality

QUESTION: Masters apparently I’ve been in many different lives with my current girlfriend and would like to ask why did we both come to this life as females? She truly is my soulmate and we have a great relationship. What is the meaning of us being in a same-sex relationship and what is the deeper meaning of our relationship? Why are there many times more than only one gay, bi etc. in a family (both of our families)? ~Maria, Finland

ANSWER: When a soul decides to have a particular experience, it sets up the necessary background for it to be part of its life. Whenever you are dealing with life issues that are not in compliance with society, such as homosexuality, choices are  made very carefully to ensure you will get the experience.

The lessons involved here are tolerance, faith, confidence in yourself, honoring where your human genetic leanings take you, and listening to your heart and soul and not societal prejudices. You wanted to see how you would handle being in a sometimes persecuted minority and if you had the strength to carry on through adversity.

Your partner is from your same soul group; you planned to come together to enable a smoother lifestyle with someone who is so compatible with you. You have shared many incarnations, and all the last ones have been “experimenting” with controversial issues: black in a white area, homosexual in a strict religious country, and handicapped where perfection is glorified. This life is a “piece of cake” after some of those.

The two of you frequently act as instigators for each other’s situations, helpmates in difficult lives, and partners, so you have someone with whom to discuss the philosophical as well as theoretical implications of what you are doing. It has proven to be very beneficial in your learning process.

When multiple homosexually oriented souls exist in the same biological family, it is by the choice of all involved. It may be related to tolerance, intolerance, comfort with exploration, or the knowledge that another soul chose that particular family with the intent of exploring homosexuality. Some souls who have not had a lot of lifetimes on Earth are sometimes hesitant to “go it alone,” so they will tag along with an older soul to watch them.