Change and alternate realities

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know if I have a choice to change the agreements and soul contracts I have made pre-incarnation if I decide today that I no longer want to explore the theme my soul yearns for and instead I would like to switch to different theme. Do I have the complete free will to do so? Since there are infinite alternate realities, what determines what gets manifested? If I now want to get a job in investment banking, in a parallel reality, if I align myself to that vibration, even though I do not have the necessary credentials, can I still qualify and get that dream job? ~Nicole, Singapore

ANSWER: A soul always has total freedom of choice, which means you can change any agreements and contracts you previously made. The difficulty for a human is that the thinking mind, which is ruled by ego judgment, is not the deciding factor. The unconscious soul is the one to decide about any changes.

The human mind would always move away from complex and difficult lessons and want to do something it determines is glamorous and fun loving. Most souls desiring to switch to an entirely different theme will end this life and come back into a situation that feeds their new self-image; this is frequently accomplished through suicide.

There are an infinite number of realities since each soul dictates its own reality. How your reality appears is solely dependent on you, but it is true for you alone. If you wanted to have other people share this reality with you, you would have to make sure they chose the same time and space for their place within it.

You cannot create a position for yourself of investment banker, doctor, or fireman unless you have prepared your body for that position. The purpose for coming into a human body is to experience life lessons and to understand and learn from them. It is not for you to set up a desired playroom to undertake a role you always wanted.

If you have an extreme desire to experience a particular setting, with the requisite accompanying people, you need to make prior agreements and contracts to ensure that all the actors are going to be present. Then you have to transport yourself to that environment and prepare yourself, via education and training, to take your place in that reality.

Another possibility is to put yourself into the desired situation during your dreamtime. This will give you the sense of your dream but not the reality.