Looking for support and success

QUESTION: Masters why do I always seem to fail? I have been really eager to start new things, I have believed that this is the thing for me, this is my Dream and it always ends with disappointment. I feel as if I don’t have “my own clan” I am on my own, feeling lost and lonely. Still keeping my faith, but it seems to get me to starting point all over again. ~Sinia, Finland

ANSWER: When your world ends in disappointment, it is because your expectations are not in alignment with the potential reality. If your dream is to be a princess, and you study hard to learn all the pomp and circumstance but you don’t have the lineage, you will never be a princess. You might have a chance if you marry a prince but there are not many around.

You do not know who you are; that is why you can’t find “your clan” and feel constantly lost and lonely. You are a soul who is having a human experience, and you have the freedom of choice to decide how to live that life.

You think that you should duplicate the plan of some of the other people around you – your supposed “clan.” What you need to do is accept that you have the power and ability to create that which you would like to understand and live, and that it is a solitary journey. No one can do it for you, nor does anyone need the same situations as you.

You are drawing to yourself the things you had previously decided you wanted to learn about, but you are not allowing yourself to really look at them and find yourself within the chaos. When you reach the point where reality doesn’t match expectation, you throw your hands up in the air and say let’s do it all over again. Follow through with dreams and plans, being observant to what is happening in the moment, as you move forward.

You are giving up much too soon in new situations – before you see if they are right for you. Trying anything new and finding what is ideal for you is not something that can be done swiftly. You have to learn the procedures, get comfortable with them, and then make them your own.