Whose fault is religious ideology?

QUESTIONS: Masters why has God created so many Religions..? Why are people fighting in the name of god/religion? ~Deepak, India.

My wife is destroying me, I feel that her religion Umbanda, had a strong influence on this separation when she decided to accept and respect their choice and arbitrariness. I cannot understand a religion that separates and does not unite the families. ~Carlos, Brazil

ANSWER: Organized religions are not the creation of anyone or anything from the spiritual world. The basis of all Earth religions is judgment, which requires negativity. The duality of negative and positive exists only on this planet. Humans who wished to exert control over masses of people put together doctrines, rules, and regulations to get adherents to follow their wishes and carry out their desires.

When some leaders decided the existing religions did not cause the people to act the way they wanted them to – such as declaring war on their enemies – they created, or interpreted, a religion to make the adherents do exactly as they instructed. The formers of these religions all teach that theirs is the one true religion that should be followed by all. And if one chooses not to be a member, then they have the right to show you the error of your ways by killing the infidels.

Umbanda varies from group to group, but it is consistent in demanding that the priests are supreme and must be obeyed in all things. It combines aspects of Catholicism, spirituality, African rituals, Native American beliefs, and whatever the group leader wants to use to control the members. Most branches came into existence surrounding a spiritual medium of some kind in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is more a cult than a religion, and your wife has been made to feel important in its clutches.