Who are we in the afterlife?

QUESTION: Masters, I am perplexed by the nature of our ‘self’ and personality after we move on to the spirit world.  I have been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s and am slowly going through some fairly negative personality changes.  I’ve been peaceful and loving and I’m becoming more intolerant and angry.  When I can free myself of these changes and look at what is going on it is very stressful and heartbreaking. It is particularly difficult for my family members.  When I die, which personality will dominate? If my remaining family requests guidance and support from me in the spirit world is it provided by my ‘oversoul’ or my present personality?  Do the personalities that have lives in the physical world stay intact in the spirit world or are they quickly absorbed into the ‘oversoul’ (for lack of better term)? ~Larry, USA

ANSWER: This time for your family is part of a group life lesson chosen for each to deal with his/her own demons. Unpredictable personality changes challenge all members to deal with prejudices, fears, guilt, uncertainty, and lack of control. For you, not being able to be who you always have been is devastating and scary. Going with the flow is much better than fighting each step along the way.

Your soul exists in unconditional love, so the negative personalities do not put in an appearance unless you decide to come back into the duality and portray that non-loving being. Your essence, within the universal love, is what appears to all after the body fades away.

You are that soul, or oversoul as you have called it. The term came into prominence because it depicts the core of each being, which never dies and goes from life to life holding all the memories and experiences. That is who you truly are.

All of your Earth experiences, which include all the physical characteristics and personalities, become the history of each soul. You maintain the knowledge but can’t portray the negativities from Home because negativity does not exist there.

When you assist from the spirit world, you work from the unconditional love. You are recognized by those living by your vibration – almost like your tone and timber of voice. They will associate it with the loving you that they remember as being Larry before the decline and changes.

All souls have freedom of choice. Every soul acting as a guide chooses that which will provide assistance to others, not what would make them question or doubt the intention of the guidance.