Connecting with the beyond

QUESTION: Masters, I believe that I could develop my ability to communicate with the spirit world as my deceased father sometimes talks to me unexpectedly. Do you think this is something I should do?             ~Phil, UK

ANSWER: You already are a channel; you are just having problems with your tuning. Your father has been around you for quite some time. He talks to you constantly but you are tuned in only part of the time. This is not necessarily a bad thing. You don’t want the radio blasting at you when you are engaged in other matters.

Connecting with the beyond takes the ability to be able to pick up the various vibrations emanating from the other side. Souls in different states of acclimation to Home have different wavelengths when they seek to connect. The receiver, or channel, must be tuned to that vibration in order to hear. This is the reason that a receiver may be able to communicate with certain souls and not with others.

Although it is possible for souls to get your attention when you are concentrating on other matters, generally you must be in an open, unoccupied state of being for them to make firm contact. A perfect receiving state can be achieved while  meditating, or while engaging in a repetitive motion which takes no thought.  These  states free your mind for other things, such as picking up vibrations from beyond.

Spending time talking to, helping, or receiving information from the other side is a freedom of choice issue. How do you feel about doing this? Do you feel you have the time to dedicate to this task? Does it create any fears or doubts in your mind? And if it does, do you feel this is something from which you may learn? The choice is yours!