Messages to specific groups

QUESTION: Masters. I have heard a lot through the years regarding the messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje. I was raised Catholic and have been very fond of Mother Mary, but as I am on my own Independent Spiritual Path, I question the legitimacy of the messages. From what I have read, these messages seem very specific and revolve around the teachings and beliefs of Catholicism. Is it possible that the receivers are “hearing” messages from other spirits and not Mary and/or the messages are just not coming through clear? I say this because many seem to contradict the lessons and thoughts from you about who we are, about Home and our purpose? ~Mark, USA   

ANSWER: Organized religions need to maintain the mysticism of their doctrines. Through the centuries Mother Mary, in many personas, has been used to hold people to the messages of the Church. You also have, for instance, Our Lady of Fatima, -Lourdes, and -Guadalupe, to mention three more. The humans to whom these messages were delivered have generally been young, impressionable, and very religious.

The Vatican investigates these “sightings” and makes a determination whether they feel an actual communication has come from the soul known as Mother Mary. The material from Our Lady of Medjugorje was determined not to be verifiable. These occurrences have many applications for the organization to which the recipients belong, and they help reinvigorate faith and hope.

This helps a lot of people who are unable to make decisions for themselves. They are being told what to do and what benefits they will obtain for believing or doing as instructed. Hopefully, through trying to sense what they are told will be the result of their adherence to the mandates, they will begin to sense the energy of the Other Side and start thinking for themselves based on their “feelings.”

Just as we advise concerning the materials we have relayed through our channel, do not blindly accept everything you hear. Take all the information and, holding it inside in your feelings, see if it resonates with you. If it does, then make it a part of your reality. If it does not, put it aside and periodically check and see how it feels. Do not try to judge the statements, because you will be drawn into the ego judgment of right and wrong.