Physical time travel

QUESTION: Masters, Is physical time travel possible as shown in movies like Back To The Future or is it really astral or psychic in nature where you may contact your past or future self at some level but not meet in person as one soul cannot occupy two bodies in the same point in space time? Bruce, UK

ANSWER: Humans create their own reality and with the help of movie special effects get some ideas of previously unthought-of possibilities. Souls bound to Earth with egotistical judgment will only allow society’s concepts to take root in their own reality. Most think that the body is the limit of the person’s reach and interaction. Those who accept the soul as more than the physical body can go beyond accepted norms.

Quantum physics has recently proven that thoughts, emotions, and intentions have huge effects on the physical body and surroundings. You must remember that no one can have an impact on another unless that other consents to the interaction. To have a situation such as stylized time travel, everyone in, on, and around the traveler would have to consent to the scenario.

Physical time travel is also limited by the linear nature of time. Linear time only exists on the planet recording the rotation of that planet around the sun. Psychic movement through previous and future experiences is at the will of each soul. It is possible to meet oneself since, in each life, the soul inhabits a different body.

You are really over-thinking this whole concept, trying to fit all of your ideas and questions into the restrictions of third-dimensional societal accepted understanding. It is time to think outside the boxes being defined by others and make your own reality. If you can dream or imagine it, you can bring it into your reality.