Abortion, euthanasia, and conscience

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve been dealing lately with both personal and general contradictions and seem not to find satisfying answers. What are the consequences of euthanasia or abortion? If someone’s profession requires them to take part in euthanasia/ abortion even though it was against their own morality, would the consequences still be the same? I’ve also been thinking of unconditional love and how to find the balance between my own and others’ needs. In certain difficult situations, how do I know if I need to change my own thoughts/ behavior or just step out of it? Why do I seem to end up arguing with some people again and again? ~Elsi, Finland

ANSWER: The soul has complete freedom of choice. In society choices may have varying consequences. Some of the lessons chosen for a lifetime may include dealing with your personal judgment regarding the decisions other people make. When you enter into a profession where your personal conscience says an action required by your employer is something you find wrong or against your own beliefs, you then have the decision to make whether to remain in that employ or move to another position.

Euthanasia and abortion are decisions souls make as part of their life journey. The consequences for them are the lessons they may learn; the consequences for those who assist are merely the performance of one’s duty. Human life is for the purpose of learning who you are as a soul and how you can increase your wisdom.

The human experience is a solo journey. You are not responsible for others or they for you. You do not need to worry about them. Your thoughts are things that have come to be in your head from the outside world. They got there by others telling you what they think and therefore what you should think, and are supplemented by things you have read. All of this material comes from outside you with no input from you whatsoever.

Put your thoughts on hold and ask yourself how you feel about these issues. That is a true indication of your journey. If you pick up on a judgment of right or wrong, you are following society. The spiritual path to understanding this excursion is just evaluating if you would learn anything from these actions or if you would have to try it yourself if it felt like something you needed to do.

You are trying desperately to work out your feelings about these issues and you do it by trying your thoughts on others. They are not going to change their opinions, so why are you spending so much time getting frustrated by repeating the same things over and over again?