Step back and take a good look

QUESTION: Masters, for a while I’ve been feeling disappointed with almost every aspect of my life. Mostly the fact that I’m not in a relationship and that I still haven’t succeeded in my profession. I’m so sad I’m thinking about suicide. I’m trying to control my thoughts and emotions so I can manifest what I want, but feel like if I’m not able to do that in a short term I won’t bear life anymore. What can I do to finally be the kind of person I want and the kind of life I desire? I’m really tired of struggling in relationships with man who after a while reject me or prove not to be what I need. And I’m tired of fighting for a job that’s very nice, but very difficult to obtain, and that after all isn’t my passion, but my father’s. Trust me, I’ve struggled and learned a lot. But I need rest. Enlighten me. ~Mirela, Brazil

ANSWER: Get off your “pity-pot” and take a look at yourself and the realizations you express here. The most telling phrase is that life has always been about what your father had determined would be your passion. You need to learn to say no to any ideas or beliefs that do not originate from within you.

You have escaped taking responsibility for your life by listening to others. You have sat back, so when things aren’t as you would like them to be, you can easily say: ”Well, it didn’t work because I was only doing what he said, and he was wrong.” It is time to start using your freedom of choice and making your own decisions.

You haven’t found peace in love or career because you have tried to please your father, and he is not you. Take all your beliefs and examine each to see if you still want it to be a part of your life or if you want to replace it with your own ideas. Once all the ideas are yours, it will be easy to draw up a manifestation that brings you your desired life.

The men who have been drawn to you are ones who would please your father and are very much like him. No wonder they have never worked out! From this day forward, do only what you choose to do. Every time you go to make a decision, say: “How do I feel about this?” If it doesn’t make you happy and give you a feeling of resonance with it, try something else.