Poisoning thoughts

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible for a living person to send thoughts into the mind of another living person with the intent to change the receiving person’s way of thinking or influence decisions? I have a feeling this has been done to me by a woman who feels threatened by my energy.    ~Angela, Australia

ANSWER: How much of your time do you spend wishing that something would occur or be true? You are sending thoughts out to those around you and trying to influence the flow of the energy coming to you. Some souls have a very strong, forceful flow of intention moving out from them. This is like a person who has a strong voice that may be heard over a great distance.

It is always possible for people to attempt to influence you. Every day, friends tell you what they think about the way you are doing something. Some try through intimidation to get you to accept their ideas. Media constantly implants thoughts in your head about products to purchase which they say you cannot live without.

Regardless of where the thoughts come from—a well-meaning friend, a marketing company, or this woman who seeks to destroy your energy—what happens is up to you. In each of these cases the effort to shape you must stand up to your freedom of choice to make it a part of your consciousness.

All these influences become part of your belief system. If you accept blindly what is inside your head, implanted from the outside, you are saying that those ideals should control your actions. If, instead, you question everything that you do unconsciously to see if it is really what you want to do, then you are controlling yourself. No one can control you without your permission. That does not stop someone from trying. Just deflect their shouting and make your own decisions.