Psychic practices

Question: Masters, does Chinese fortune telling, such as i-ching, face-features analysis, palm analysis, bazi analysis, and poker-card reading, provide accurate insights into our future? Can most practitioners be trusted?    ~Marilyn, Singapore

ANSWER: All of the various practices that you have mentioned, in the hands of an experienced practitioner, can give an insight into the way that the energy is flowing around a particular person or event. They can give you an historical perspective of how you, with your particular background, in that specific setting, have had your life play out. That is true for the moment of the reading, until you or other people involved in your life exercise freedom of choice to change the way you or they had planned to act.

Since each person is unique, and experiences life with a different set of souls from those portrayed in history, the actual events can only give you a propensity for something to occur, but not a certainty. What you are obtaining is an indication of the direction of the energy flow around you. Does it not always help to be able to see which way the current is flowing so that you may take advantage of it and expend less energy to get somewhere?

Practitioners are as varied as the leaves on a tree—each has a different shape, no two are the same. There is no way to say that the readers you have been exposed to are all open enough to sense and report the intricate energy streams they use within their crafts. It is for you to open yourself to their energy. See if they feel open to you; test to make sure they are not inputting their particular prejudices. How does what they are saying feel to you inside? If you resonate with the reading it is accurate for you, but don’t let your desires for an outcome color the way you interpret the results.