Not all writing has truth

QUESTION: Masters, by reading spiritual books, I have come to know that in spirit world, in higher realms, spirits wear special a robe, prepared from special material, which keeps high positive vibration inside it & keeps the spirit positive. Same way when these spirits visit lower realms, they wear such robes that those reflect negative energy. I was wondering if there is any idea/material/things at planet earth which can help to conserve positive vibration with us and reflect negative vibrations? Would you like to advice? ~RK, India

ANSWER: There is no negativity once the soul leaves the proximity of Earth and the physical body within which it had stayed. The soul is energy and has no shape, body, or other covering unless it chooses to use part of its power to produce one. Most choose to just exist as energy in the entirely positive unconditional love of the universe where everything is perfect. In other words: no body, no negativity, no need for something to repel negativity!

The only place that has negative energy is planet Earth, which is referred to as the third dimension. This is a place controlled by the ego and where everything is judged. When the body has ceased to exist (died), the soul that comprises its essence of unconditional love generally returns back Home, which we call the fifth dimension. This is a place devoid of any negativity and judgment.

People who have reached levels of enlightenment, and those who have left their physical bodies but have chosen not to return to the fifth dimension, are in the fourth dimension. Those who are on the ascension trail got there by working on themselves to shed all negativity from their lives. Those who are stuck, not able to rise above the negativity, have made the conscious decision to stay in negativity.

Whether you are in negative or positive vibrations is a personal choice each soul makes. You don’t need a physical “robe” to help you choose a physical state of being. Part of the process of enlightenment is learning to repel the negativity surrounding you and choosing to see things only in the positive light.

Any “spiritual book” that writes of positivity being aided by a material is based upon information that sees things only in an egotistical, judgmental manner. Souls on a spiritual path don’t need anything but their own intention to accomplish what your reading matter says exists. It is written for people who don’t want to do the required work to get wisdom; they just want a simple “cloak” to make them invisible to the big bad negative world. Sorry, that is a Harry Potter invention.