How long are you responsible?

QUESTION: Masters, I have a step-son whom I raised as my own since he was 2, now 31. Unfortunately he chose to escape his problems through meth which caused severe brain damage and drained us financially. He refuses medical help, yet he is always talking with people in his head. He gets violent and has spent time in jail. Back home, he is unable to work or care for himself. My husband and I love him but are afraid of more violence. Has he attracted earth-bounds? Is this karma? ~Sandi, USA

ANSWER: Your stepson chose a very difficult lifetime. He has never taken any responsibility for anything he has done. He has been bailed out by his loving parents and has taken full advantage. You agreed before coming here to share this life with him. For you and your husband it is to recognize that at some point you must leave him to his own devices and honor yourselves and your journeys.

You are not responsible for your stepson and his problems. He is not in a position to work on himself because he feels he does not have to; someone will always come to his rescue. It is time for “tough love.” Put him out – find a halfway-type house for druggies or those with mental problems and let him learn that he needs to take responsibility for himself and get the help he has refused. He is not beyond hope, but he has to make the choice to ask for help. As long as he has you running interference for him he will never change.

All souls come to Earth to see if they can learn to make choices for their own growth and understanding. As long as they are not put into the position of having to make those choices, they will take the easy way out of relying on others. Stepping away from your stepson at this time does not mean you don’t love him. It shows you love him so much you want to force him to be in a position to get help.

He is an extremely negative person and does have other negative entities around him. None has entered his body, but they will remain close to him as long as he stays so negative. In this condition he is potentially dangerous to you and your husband because he thinks you will do whatever he wants you to do as long as you allow him to remain in the house, and if you refuse he will try to force you.

This is not karma because karma, as understood by Eastern philosophies, is punishment for bad things done in the past. Karma does not exist after you leave the negativity of planet Earth. This is just an example of life lessons jointly agreed upon.