Living two lives as a split soul?

QUESTION: Masters, last year I was dreaming that I had been in a roadside accident. I was lying on the floor and could hear voices saying they could not reach my legs. I looked up to my right and saw another car coming towards me. I closed my eyes thinking this is the end. I immediately heard the loudest authoritarian voice, which came from outside the dream saying wake now. I jumped to find myself not breathing as my tongue had fallen back into my throat and I struggle with breathing through my nose. I physically moved my tongue. I saw a shadow in the room of a grim reaper even though I would say that image is something I would not normally put any energy in to. Was this a case of living two lives as a split soul energy? ~Debbie, UK

ANSWER: The soul has a single life, which it expresses in many different roles. They all are occurring at the same time, much as a CD has all your songs on it at the same time. You understand and can work through the life lessons that gain you wisdom, your reason for coming to Earth, only where your physical consciousness focuses. It is impossible for a soul to be physically conscious in more than one place at the same time.

What confuses a lot of people is that individuals can access their akashic records, or the recording of all their various roles, through the use of hypnosis, deep meditation, or dreaming. This has a lot of people thinking that there is a consciousness in each place they have “lived.”  It is actually a movie on a reel that comes to life only when you turn your full attention to it; the rest of the time it is just sitting there.

The term “split soul” has many different definitions. We do not use that terminology in our teaching. You have just experienced how people can jump from one of their roles into another. Dreams are a way in which you can easily recall what has been worked on in the past and may have a use for you in your current life; that is why you visit that occurrence.

Dreams sometimes also add in figures and happenings from your immediate life’s experiences, such as movies, readings, and beliefs. When you see something out of the corner of your eye, particularly when returning to consciousness, your mind assigns it an identity if you don’t get a good look. Ever seen someone lurking by your home, only to discover it is a shadow from a tree, umbrella, etc.?