Questions about essence

QUESTION: Is the spirit world real and if it is what proof can you give me? ~Yancy, USA. QUESTION: I don’t like this idea of Oneness that everything is one being. I hope that is not true. Please tell me what will happen with those like me after we die? We can follow our own way? ~Adrian, Romania. QUESTION: Does everyone alive now on Earth serve a purpose? Is there a reason for what’s happening now? Is this all just random? Are we all just art/entertainment? ~Novan, US.

ANSWERS: Part of Earth’s third-dimensional reality is that the human ego needs to control. It doesn’t feel it can do this unless it knows and can understand all its questions about life. This is the left side of the human brain – the analytical side – taking charge and telling the right side, the feeling emotional side, to take a hike. A spiritual path lies outside judgmental “knowingness” and relies on energy resonating with the soul.

Our first questioner is asking us, the spirit world, if we exist. Pardon us while we laugh. We are nonphysical energies who can be felt and heard by human beings if they are open to such communication, but we cannot make someone receive what we send. It is an age-old story: If you don’t believe something is possible, it will never be possible for you. Some of you have a saying: You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

We cannot give you physical proof of a nonphysical energy; you will have that only when you join us in this realm. However, you accept the existence of a number of things that cannot be physically proven. Prove to us that love exists. Prove to us that electricity exists; you can prove it has reproducible effects upon things, but you can’t hold it in your hand or even define it except by stating its effect on nature.

Questioner #2: the idea of Oneness has many definitions and permutations. In your question you have merged several of the more common ones. There are those who believe that everything that exists is all one massive entity, split apart to experience things. Another branch of Oneness works on the principle that all souls are here on Earth for the same reason: to learn life lessons, and that if you join together you will be able to achieve success more rapidly.

Our wisdom is that all souls came from the same Source and, therefore, are composed of the same characteristics and powers. Each part then goes and has its own experiences and comes back to share its knowledge, but not to merge or melt back into a single blob. Each and every soul has its own journey with the ability to pick and choose its own way. When you return Home you have the same choices. No one is going to tell you what to do – do it your own way.

Questioner #3 could get some fast answers from our FAQ section. Your life on Earth is to be able to discover your true essence and abilities and to work through life lessons. Nothing is random; you chose all the lessons before incarnating, so that is why they are coming to you. Some do see an Earthly life as art or entertainment, but it is that for them, since they made the selections.