What happened in 2012

QUESTION: Masters, despite all the books, articles and channelings that had anticipated the beginning of a new era for mankind, if not the end of the world as we know it in 2012, we are witnessing pretty much the same dynamics here on earth. No major natural disaster, financial collapse or consciousness shift is actually occurring. The financial markets in the US are instead reaching new all-time records, for example. When are we going to witness those major shifts or upheavals that you and other authors have anticipated? ~Rick, Italy

ANSWER: The believed portentous date of 21 December 2012 was the beginning of a new era. It was the beginning of new Mayan and Vedic calendars, the movement toward a new astrological sign: that of Aquarius as the Piscean age comes to an end. And, as we have repeatedly said, everything does not, and did not, change in a single day. There have been ongoing changes during the last 100 years, and the shift will continue that far into the future. Ten years (in both directions) is where you can see the tremendous changes.

That single date was when the planets in your solar system all lined up in a straight line across the Milky Way Galaxy with the Sun in the center. This occurs only once every 26,000+ years. During the alignment, energy has fewer things to bounce off of as it is sent from one spot to another. With a lack of interference, extremes of sensing and feeling both negative and positive energy bloom. More people in human form are able to “hear” the souls in nonphysical form.

On the positive side, there was a tremendous increase in enlightened individuals and those who are channeling information from Guides. Many have been able to let go of judgmental ego and sit back and evaluate what is going on without judging it.

The planet is a duality, so for all the positive energy there is an equal amount of negativity at play. Right now there are more major conflicts in operation than have ever existed at any Earth time. Internal unrest, with hundreds of deaths, is in full force in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Afghanistan…just to mention a few. And where countries aren’t killing each other, there are individual gunmen entering schools, malls, movie theaters, and restaurants in the US, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and other places.

You also have natural disasters: fires, tornados, hurricanes, floods, and volcanos. Then add the collapse of the factory in Bangladesh, an increase in bus and train crashes, and the respiratory problems arising from genetically modified seeds. And don’t forget, on the horizon, the increase recently of SARS-like disease in Saudi Arabia and swine flu in China.

The negative and the positive will always balance. As spiritual lightworkers increase, the malcontents will have their day as well. The financial increase in the US stock market is offset by property values at all-time lows. Banks and countries are still failing. You have to take in the whole picture. If you are on your spiritual path, you will merely observe and not have any concern.