A drastic human life lesson

QUESTION: Masters, how do you forgive yourself for making choices that have lifelong consequences? I made medical choices that were convenient, compliant, and supposedly in the best interest of health. I’m aware how incorrect those reasons and choices were, yet 6 years later I apparently cannot forgive myself for the impact those choices had on my vaccine injured son and everyone else. I’ve been focusing on advocacy, informing others to avoid my mistakes, and seeing the positives and gifts my son brings to the family. I think forgiveness from him would help, but he is non-conversational and even if he did talk he is a young child who on a conscious level has no concept of the magnitude of the impact on his life. He could say he forgives me now, but what about when he is adult and not able to live independently? What about if my husband and I are both gone and he falls victim to neglect or abuse? How does he or I forgive myself for his drastically altered future? ~Becky, US

ANSWER: Every soul chooses which major lessons it wishes to experience once it has incarnated on Earth. Some of those lessons are singular to that soul, and others involve many people who are sharing that timeline with the soul. With your human consciousness, you will always say, “No way would I, or any soul, have chosen such a horrible life.” But in reality, you did. Your son, who has had many fantastic prior lives, wished to try one in which he would be dependent upon others and restricted in what his body and mind could do. This future is what he chose.

You don’t need to get forgiveness from him because he planned the life with you. When you two—and many others who are involved, including your husband and family members—agreed to the situation, it was with full understanding of what the results would entail. We know it is hard for humans to accept this concept, but that is part of the journey of the soul. Without trials and negativity, the soul is unable to make the choices it needs to understand its magnificence.

Your major lesson for this lifetime was to understand the journey. You are experiencing massive amounts of regret, guilt, persecution, “why me?” syndrome, and Monday-morning quarterbacking. You are also projecting into the future with the most horrible scenarios possible, for which you already blame yourself. Watch what you think about, because thought is very powerful energy and the universe may believe that what you think is what you want to produce.

Stop looking at this as a disaster and look at it as a challenge to find your strength. The only person you need forgiveness from is yourself. You are a soul having a human experience, and you can see it as such if and when you step out of the drama, connect with universal unconditional love, and accept that this is simply a role to give you a different type of lesson from any of those you chose in your past lives. Paint the future in positive thoughts; your son will never be normal, but you can help create a wonderful life for him.