Seeing whose lesson it is

QUESTION: Masters, my journey as a human being has been long and difficult in many incarnations. Last seven years I have been doing work with myself, trying to put all my life’s puzzles together. The masters and angels have been helping me a lot and I have cleared up many things, I feel so much lighter now. There is only one thing that is bothering me, my husband´s family. I know almost all of them from past lives where I have been miserable and poor. Whatever I do, they ignore me and they behave like I still was that miserable person. I understand them and how they see me but I don´t have way to tell them what is behind all this because I think they are not able to understand. I´d like to clear all this up to start my life in a new dimension, free from past lives. ~Sirpa, Finland

ANSWER: You are the one who is unable to let go of your past-life issues. What they think of you or how they react to you will affect you only if you assign motives to their behavior. They sense you are placing yourself as their inferior and one subject to scorn. They have no idea why they feel the way they do about you. You must first start to accept that you are the same as they and then put out a loving energy that they will be able to feel and return to you.

Your self-confidence, self-respect, and self-worth are being held down by continuing to exist in those past lives where you were socially unacceptable. Let go of that energy. You don’t need to let your relatives know about the past; you just have to change how you feel about it. Stop thinking you deserved the treatment you received in prior lives. You were only learning lessons about self-respect and confidence. As you can see, you did not learn the lessons completely because you are bringing the same energies into this current life.

Love the fact that you have recognized the issues in this life so you may work to resolve them. Feel the strength you have within, which has allowed you to acknowledge your path. Love yourself and remain in that feeling in the presence of everyone else. It doesn’t matter what others think as long as you love the journey you are on and the realization that each bit of wisdom takes you closer to enlightenment concerning your soul’s work.

You never leave your past lives behind because they bring the knowledge upon which you build your awareness. You may leave behind the negative aspects of the lessons when you see only the positive side remaining. Move forward in love and don’t worry about how anyone else is progressing.