Treating yourself like dirt

QUESTION: Masters, for some time I have been stuck in an awful situation. It just seems my life-my health, career, finances, and family relations-is on its knees. I have noticed every time I’m around others I suck up all their negative energy and go from bubbly and optimistic to suicidal, tired, and depressed. I feel like some cosmic doormat. Worst of all, when I see others enjoying their life I feel so cheated. Is it my fate to live a living hell, feeling sub-human, or is there something I can do to change this? Did I create this situation? I just want to feel like a normal person again, like ME again. Please help!       ~Saira

ANSWER: Hello! Have you not read or listened to anything that has been said by us in the past about manifestation? Creating your own reality? Bringing to yourself that which you want or need to experience? We are hearing the wail of a victimized person. How do you become a victim? You choose to experience it.

One of your statements is that you suck up the negativity of those around you. That doesn’t happen by chance. You have to make the choice to take energy from others. It is interesting that it is only the negative energy that you take. Why do you think that is? Misery loves company and negative people want just as many around them as they can possibly get because it justifies their feeling miserable!

Planet Earth is a dualistic place-there is as much positivity as there is negativity. Choose to align with the positive. You are well aware what it feels like because you have spent a good portion of your life basking in its glow. How do you do this? When you start feeling down, “suicidal, tired, and depressed,” ask yourself: what is the basis of these feelings? You will get nothing more than “‘it feels bad.” So, why not start to remember all the things that make you feel great?

Jump the gun on the next bout of negativity by planning to be positive. Keep a journal of all the good things you want to happen to you, from your state of health to a prosperous and successful career. Within your journal develop affirmations of the positive events in which you want to dwell. Begin seeing yourself as that normal person you wish to be and you will find that, once again, you are.