Getting out of the negative

QUESTION: Masters, I have an acquaintance with a social media account and she calls herself a channeler of her masters. She has many followers with most of her postings directed in a negative way, such as claiming that the world is coming to an end. She is focused in very dark energies and thinks she is the only one who’s right. I told her one time that her messages are coming from somewhere other than higher beings, but she didn’t like it very much. In her defense she told me that I’m not even close to being a master, and that she is the one with all the answers. I left things like that. In my heart I know the answer and everything is based upon LOVE, Love is the answer. Why is she always in the drama? Her journey is really nice, but I consider she is coming from a place dominated by her ego. ~Cata, USA

ANSWER: You are wise to see a problem with someone caught up in negativity. The Masters, Angels, Archangels, and all beings of the light do not spend any time in the negative. Humans spend most of their time there, unless they are working to understand life lessons and moving toward enlightenment and unconditional love.

Negativity is the default setting of human beings. If you enter a room where there are a number of people and listen to their conversations, 99% of them will be about negative things: pain, illness, difficult relationships, lack of finances, and anger. In that same room if you bring up something positive, like a beautiful sunrise you saw that morning, the talking will stop; they will stare at you and then ignore you.

All people create the reality in which they choose to live. Your acquaintance gets a lot of reinforcement from those who feel at home in negative thoughts. This gives her the power that she craves. Control dramas, in the form of arguments, allow her to take additional energy from others, increasing her sense of being in control. Since she is creating that reality, she is the only one who is right about what it contains. Her ego is the ruler of her kingdom.

Be glad she wants to exclude you from this negative world; it does not consist of any masters or beings of the light. Learn to love yourself more and you will never be drawn into anything like this again. Love is the universal energy.