Putting pressure on oneself

QUESTION: Masters, both my wife and I became Catholics 12 years ago. But we have remained very open to the universal religion of love and compassion. In the last six months we have gotten more serious about our spirituality. My wife does some meditation and has been getting visions of Eastern deities (e.g., Ganesha). Are we moving in the right direction? And the last one year has been very straining in our finances. We hardly make ends meets. ~Patrick, Singapore

ANSWER: Organized religions are very important in your world to help those who have not fully accepted that they can make their own choices to get some stability in their life. Take each precept from the religion, and from your life, and see if it feels like it resonates with you; if it does, keep it; if it does not, let it go with thanks for having aided you in your travels.

We have always told our listeners that you are exactly where you need to be in your life at the time you are there. This is your trip and it is a solitary journey for each soul. No two trips will be the same; they may parallel another’s if you are living together, but they are still unique.

We suggest that you may get a firmer idea about the possibilities before you if you accept the nature of your being. You are a piece of Source and, as such, are all powerful, all magnificent, and all creative. After you reach acceptance, act on your belief, knowing that you may use those abilities to bring to you what you need and desire in this life. Then become the power and manifest a reality for yourself.

Your thoughts and words are extremely powerful. You have been sabotaging your finances by bringing up the lack that has been in your life. When you fixate on a condition, your energy sends out the message and the universe thinks that what you think is what you want—hence little money. See yourself with sufficient money and withdraw any thoughts of lack from your mind and conversation.