The Other Side

QUESTION: Masters, I’m a very spiritual person; however, I don’t believe in any religions. I’ve read many books about spirituality where it is said that heaven and hell don’t exist. Is it all the same place divided in different levels? When we die do we go to the level we belong to depending on how evolved our soul is? I’ve heard stories of people having near death experiences and “going to hell.” I don’t understand it. Does it exist or how does the other side work? Are the books that I’ve read right? And why do some people stay earth bound when they die? I’ve heard it’s because they have some unfinished business or lessons to learn, what I don’t understand is why some of them would try hurting living people. Why do some spirits just seem so evil? ~Laura, USA

ANSWER: Planet Earth is based on using a duality (a balance) of negative and positive energy to allow you, during your human life, to learn lessons by making choices. The duality extends only to the physical body and the transition process from the physical body back into the unconditional love of Home (Source). Once you leave this restrictive zone, there is no duality or judgment; everything becomes equal, or subject only to evaluation instead of grading or levels (i.e., right or wrong, higher or lower).

Religions are belief systems in which people accept the rules and regulations of a group as binding upon the way they will live their life. Spirituality is a non-binding way of thinking and living that encourages you to consider how you feel about your position in the universe and the way your energetic essence interacts with others during your journey.

As a human in a system of duality, your tendency is to judge your surroundings. Your perception of life is dictated by the illusion created by your judgments. If you believe something exists, such as dragons, you will look for them and “see” them in the distance and in your dreams. Reports of hell by those who have had near-death experiences are perfect examples of illusions created by what people thought they would see or experience because of their belief systems. Your creative powers extend even into your death. Create what you want to experience.

When a soul leaves a body but isn’t ready to leave behind negativity, it stays stuck to Earth energy and can interact with it in a limited way. This is when negative clinging souls still influence those who are alive. Things can only be evil on Earth. When a soul has gone back to its essence of unconditional love, it basks in that wonderful feeling and doesn’t need anything else.