Is it guidance?

QUESTION: Masters, I´m confused. I have divorced, moved and have done all this because I tried to follow my guidance and listen to my higher self. But still I don´t seem to fit anywhere. I would like to have family for my little boy. What am I? Are we in totally wrong place after all? I feel that when I feel “better” and think that now things are going better, after a while it all breaks down… Or am I thinking wrong? What is it that I just don´t understand. Sometimes it feels like it´s just my imagination and not “guidance.” How can I help my child to grow up and shine his light? ~Sanna, Finland

ANSWER: Each step you have taken has you more in control of your life and the decisions that guide it. As each change occurred you felt the rightness of it. Whenever you remove something from your life, such as a husband, you leave a depression in its place. This turns into an emotional type of depression unless you do something with this void.

So, what is the magical ingredient that balances up your existence? None other than self-love! Start by congratulating yourself for listening to your higher self and making your decisions. Your sense of wrongness and your feeling that things aren’t getting any better come from trying to see life over the vast chasm of nothingness that is the depression created by what happened.

Begin each morning by feeling for the unconditional love inside you; if that doesn’t work at first, think of the unconditional love you have for your young son. Expand that feeling until it begins to fill a part of the emptiness inside you. Next think about what you would like to manifest for that day. Put only positive energy into your day. If anything negative pops up, immediately think of that love again and provide a positive response to your negative situation.

You are being much too hard on yourself now. When you can start enjoying the love around you, you will find that you draw love and hope into your life. The thing that shines the most in light is love. Teach your son to love himself and he will always shine.