Organ donations

QUESTION: Masters, today we leave on a trip to meet the boy who is the organ recipient of my daughter’s heart. Are he and the other 4 recipients part of our soul family? Is there a cord or karma involved? If so, is it resolved now? The heart is especially dear to us humans….is there something to that or is it just a blood pumping organ? Will Sarah be with us as we meet and listen to “her” heart beat once again? ~K., USA

ANSWER: You and your family have participated in one of humanity’s most sacred “givings”—a part of your beloved family member to sustain the life of another. This whole procedure, from the transition of your own daughter through the entire lifetime of each recipient, involved much planning before any of you came down to Earth in your physical bodies.

Since each soul has total freedom of choice, you can make plans at Home and then come down and decide you don’t want to complete them. In a situation such as we have here, many life lessons are intertwined. First we have the choices your daughter had wished to see fulfilled. Added to this were the potential complications that could arise at the time of her leaving her physical body. Then there were the condition of each recipient’s medical status, the availability of transplant personnel, physical location on the planet, and even weather conditions.

The recipients are not part of your soul group but are souls who heard of your daughter’s plan for this life and asked if they could take part. The rest of your family was also involved in these plans since you would be present before, during, and after the procedures. The emotions you have encountered are all life lessons for you as well. Karma had nothing to do with this sequence of events. All souls are connected in their origin from Source.

The heart is no more significant than any other part of the human body. Humans attach more significance to it than any other organ because a body cannot function without it. It has many romantic historical attachments as well. This heart muscle was first powered by your daughter’s soul and now is being sustained by the soul of another.

Sarah has been with you every step of the way. She is happily watching you reconcile to what has happened and rejoicing in her legacy. Just close your eyes and see her smile!