Spiritist belief

QUESTION: Masters, my stepfather has recently passed away. Aside from the obvious tribulations the event has brought about, I’ve been trying to stay centered and understanding about it. At the same time, as is done according to the Spiritist belief, I’ve been looking for a way to get in touch with his spirit. Though I’m a firm believer in the doctrine, I still feel “weird” asking about / talking about this. I’m wondering if it’s something you could help me accomplish. It only seems natural that I need proof that a spirit’s life continues beyond our earthly life, and that my stepdad is there… and that he’s ok. Would it be possible to get in touch with his spirit? He used a specific word and a specific sign to denote the obvious… his affection during his life with us. What was that word and what was that sign? ~Patryk, USA

ANSWER: When people say that they believe in something and then question the premise of that belief, they are walking a tightrope between believing and knowing. If you only believe you got out of bed this morning, you might be sleep walking or having a lucid dream. But if you know you got up, because you are able to interact with the world, that is something definite.

When you feel weird about your beliefs, you have not totally accepted them—or at least you have not claimed them as your own. If you know that your beliefs are part of your life’s truth, they feel right and good to you and you will wish to share this acquired knowing with all.

What is standing in your way right now is your doubt. You don’t trust your ability to do what you believe others have done, simply because you have never done it before. The first time you try anything—walking, riding a bicycle, swimming, talking to spirits—you’re not sure you can do it. We can guarantee you one thing: if you don’t try, you will never accomplish anything new.

Your stepfather is with us and settling in, but he is not ready to communicate. He is still a little dazed by the transition. We are helping him get acclimated and he will be ready soon. Clear your mind, picture him as you remember him, and then open up a conversation. You may not hear and see him as you did when he had a human body, but he will find a way to let you know he is there.