Putting it all together

QUESTION: Masters, I’m working on a very important chapter in my book which is about the pressures the planets are creating on our Earth and how this is influencing our physical Earth. I have discovered why we are shifting, and its greater impact on our evolution. My guides have been wonderful, but I would like more detailed information about the alignment with the Milky Way. The channel of Albert Einstein has helped but science is saying that the planets are not aligning. My book has science supporting the spiritual.  How do I go about explaining these pressures that are transforming our planet and awareness? I would love a more detailed explanation. I know this book will go global so I want it to be well done; then people will understand more clearly the Source’s energy and intention. ~Kim, Netherlands

ANSWER: Planet Earth lies within the Milky Way galaxy, as do the stars, planets, asteroids, gaseous accumulations, and planetary explosion debris that are visible in the sky to the human eye. Your sun is the center of what is called the Solar System, the spinning mass surrounding the sun, created by your nearby planets— Earth being the third planet from the sun. The current Earth phenomenon is mostly restricted to the gravitational effects of the planetary inhabitants of the solar system on each other.

Scientists are having trouble connecting the dots of the recent Earth activities because they can see only what they expect to see. Also they are only measuring physical interactions and not the non-physical ones. It is impossible for them to sense vibrational and dimensional shifting. This is what they call quantum physics, for those few who believe in its existence, and nonsense for those who do not.

To these scientists your book will be rubbish, to the spiritualist an explanation. You cannot be all things to all people—just as speaking Dutch to a group of English-only folk would be useless. What will help seekers is to know that they are not alone in feelings they have been experiencing. Reporting the changes and their spiritual effects will be a tremendous service to the planet.

There is no specific intention of Source within this planetary cycle. It is simply that, a cycle. Those on the Earth at this time chose to be incarnate in order to experience the various events that are occurring and will continue to occur.