Effects of the current shifts

QUESTION: Masters, as energy changes on our planet and within us, will duality and therefore bipolar disorder be minimized post shift? Can you explain what will happen please? ~Hazel, UK

ANSWER: On planet Earth you are matriculating into an era of clarity and awareness. For those who have prepared themselves, completed life lessons, and connected with their soul’s essence, their existence will be one of unconditional love and oneness with the universe.

Earth is still the place to experience duality and lessons involving negativity. These will not disappear of their own accord. It will definitely be easier to see the knowledge behind the lessons, and to accept the solutions, but the lesson won’t just fade from existence—positive action on the part of the soul is necessary.

For those who have done the work of clearing away the hold of the egoistic Earth dimension, their rarified energy will allow them to rise above the duality, and their intention will allow them to create the experiences they desire—including returning Home, if that is their wish. In this graduation from human life, all negativity and the accompanying human conditions that are considered negative will cease to exist.

For those souls who are not ready, or wish to continue experiencing negativity in Earth’s duality, things will seem much the same as at present. The planetary movement is causing stresses on the Earth, and those who set up to go through this phase on the planet will indeed experience the changes.

As in all things, your soul has complete freedom of choice. You may have elected pre-choices before coming to Earth, or opted for the ability to decide at each step of the evolution. Even with pre-choices, you may change your mind at any time and drop in to various situations for the experience. Have fun and enjoy!