Old habits are hard to replace

QUESTION: Masters, I am wondering why whenever I seem to be getting my life on track and am truly happy, I relapse and use drugs? I don’t seem to have the urge to use, the drugs just fall in my lap. I know I am a light worker, trying to find my right path. Why does this keep happening? ~Shannon, USA

ANSWER: Let us examine the pattern of a habit. The human body and mind get in the ritualistic practice of doing something in a particular manner. With drug use, if the drugs are available, the body remembers how they make it feel and wants to consume them. With something extremely addictive, it is like a thirsty body craving water—there is a physical need for the drugs. The drug use becomes a belief system that tells the body it is all right to take the drugs.

We have talked repeatedly about belief systems that control a human. They can be personality characteristics such as confidence, or lack of self-worth, or the belief that one is stupid. These become part of your unconscious and control you until you erase or rewrite the formula. When you battle through the psychological need for the drugs, if you do not also delete or rewrite the pattern to use them, problems loom.

You worked on the physical addiction and somewhat on the psychological addiction, but you did not go into the unconscious and rewrite your belief system concerning your need for the drugs. You have to confront that belief, accept that it no longer has control, and tell yourself what your replacement belief system is going to be. You no longer have a need for the drugs, so you can hold them and not feel compelled to indulge. This issue will remain until you have deleted the belief coding that is under the surface.