Merkabas anyone?

QUESTION: Masters, what is a Merkaba? How does it work? I understand it can be used for inter-dimensional travel? Can it be used for physical travel in 3rd dimension as well? ~Geri, USA

ANSWER: The Merkaba has been known as long as man has been on the Earth. The Zulu believe they came to Earth from another place via their Merkabas. We like to refer to the Merkaba as the soul’s “light body.” It is represented, for the human mind, as a series of three star tetrahedrons located around the physical body. The innermost is the containment vessel, while the outer two are the propulsion chambers, which when rotated variously clockwise and counter-clockwise allow the soul to transport the body anywhere in the universe of time and space.

The primary role is that of enlightenment and ascension. Its purpose is to transport the entirety of the soul and its wisdom back Home when an incarnation is finished. It is not a vehicle that can be activated at will, unless and until the soul has reached the state of awareness of its essence so it may remember how it all works.

Many procedures have been put forth allegedly teaching people how to activate their Merkaba, but success is measured in their awareness and purity of intent. It is possible to use it to travel within and between the various dimensions, even the third dimension. Aware human beings don’t need to activate their Merkabas intentionally; they simply need the intention to transport their awareness and self to a different location and they are there.

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