Loving Earth

QUESTION: Masters I’ve noticed the change in people’s attitude for the better towards others and nature. Still I worry about our dear Mother Earth and everything happening to the beautiful nature. What should we do? How to hurry the change? How to get people love our Mother? ~Meri, Finland

ANSWER: Everything that happens occurs for a reason. Souls who are having human experiences create the reality in which they function. Just as the rainfall you are enjoying may not be falling on a neighboring area, the energy you are engaged in may not be shared with your friends and neighbors.

The first explanation of these differences pops up with the status of the person in society. Are they of the ego judgment variety or the spiritual evaluation set? Because the soul can only learn about itself in a duality, negativity becomes the dominant or default characteristic unless or until that soul makes the choice to figure out the problem and move to the positive solution.

People bring to themselves what they need to experience, and as their awareness grows, so does the degree of positive energy in which they find themselves. You are drawing to you, and being drawn to, others of the same stage of enlightenment, so the world around you reflects your intentions and desires even if they are localized.

You still do not have the ability to change the activity of others unless they make the choice to so change. All you as an individual can do is monitor and control your own thoughts and energy. Send love to the Earth to help her balance the negativity that abounds. She will never be free of negativity because she would then not be able to function as a training ground for souls.

The change of which you speak is the awakening of your own journey. This understanding of who you are and why you came to Earth is your sole purpose in being here. Love yourself as much as you love Mother Earth and you will progress rapidly toward your goals.