Categorizing feelings

QUESTION: Masters how can I tell the difference between intuition, fear and projection of my own shadows? ~Madalena, Brazil

ANSWER: In basic format, your intuition comes from your nonphysical higher self, which is using things it has learned during many lifetimes. Fear is an emotion that can be experienced only within the physical duality of the Earth plane in the combination of negative and positive energy. It is the way you are alerted to a lesson you have chosen to experience. Projections can come from any place with which your creative mind interacts.

Intuition appears in many different ways to humans. It can be a vague feeling, or even thinking that they should do something, or that something is right or wrong for them. This may appear because they have experienced a variation of the same circumstances now before them, or it could come out of the blue, like a déjà vu sensation. It will be almost impossible to put a finger on the origin, but the direction seems quite intense. When you question the source and over-analyze where it came from, you miss the opportunity to take advantage of this great font of knowledge. If you feel it, and it feels good, follow it.

Fear is the signpost that a life lesson appears in front of you. This gives you the chance to examine why it is there and how you can learn from delving into its cause. Take the negativity in which it appears and turn toward the positive opposite solution. When you question your higher self about the fear being there, it can show you where it came from.

Anything can be projected into your awareness that the soul has experienced in one form or another. It may occur from situations in past lives or your current life, something you observed, something you read, or even a film you saw at the movie theater. These events will have a very third-dimensional, ego-based judgment to them.

Take all these various actions as ways to understand your life’s journey. Use them to increase your awareness of your physical and spiritual growth.