Earthlings and aliens

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for your continued efforts in supporting humanity. I wish to better understand the nature of the duality of negative and positive that human beings experience on Earth – in particular how it compares with how the rest of the universe works. It has been said that this duality is unique to Earth. I understand there are a great many other beings out there, some aggressive, some peaceful. Are there beings alien to us out there who experience sorrow when one close to them dies? Do they experience rage as we often do? Are they capable of acts of kindness and the associated joy that may bring? Are they both murderer and savior? Do these concepts have meaning to them? If these I have asked are true, how do these differ to how we experience them in our duality? ~Steven, United Kingdom

ANSWER: Your duality is the only place where negative energy exists. All other places are composed of unconditionally loving energy. Each of the other places where a soul might choose to have an experience is different from your duality. In a number of these places, the soul does not even have a shell or covering – they maintain their energetic form. There is no such thing as Star Trek planets.

The locations one might choose to visit would be somewhere that they can spend all their time in philosophical rhetoric, working on physical prowess, enjoying vibrational manipulation like music, or just spending time with souls from their soul group or with whom they have spent other lives.

Most of the sites don’t include beings who have to be created via reproduction since many contain only what would be seen as one-sex populations. Souls choose to visit these places and almost always “pop in” already in an “adult” form. They do not spend time being dependent upon others to “raise” them to an independent stage so they might interact in these unique environments.

No negative emotions or actions exist, so the emotions you inquired about have no meaning. The information to the contrary that you have elicited from some souls came from discarnate souls who are still connected to Earth and the negativity of the duality. This is also prevalent thinking among a number of conspiracy theorists who rely upon their ego judgments in their descriptions of a place they have never been.

Every soul creates their own reality, so if it feels good to anyone to have such places within their environment, more power to them. You can only visualize that with which you have had previous contact or knowledge. And, for some, it is fun to play the “what if” game. Create what is comfortable for you.