Resetting your soul to null

QUESTION: Masters regarding the galactic central sun, it is said that it has the power to reset a soul back to a blank slate so that the soul can start the reincarnation evolutionary process over again. Some souls of their own free will have asked if they can go to the central sun to have their souls reset. How can a soul travel to the galactic central sun to be reset? Would you suggest meditating on the concept, such as meditating on travelling to the center of the galaxy, seeing the black hole there, then travelling into it and having your frequency identity stripped away and reset? What does this process feel like? It would be beneficial if we could form a group of souls, “pilgrims”, who could collectively meditate upon this and, when our time comes, we could travel there together to have our souls reset. ~Sigmund, USA

ANSWER: A soul is a nonphysical, energetic, amorphous cloud that enters into a physical body in order to have experiences within the duality of Earth. It is eternal, can be partially in several places at once as it chooses, and remembers everything it has chosen to experience. The mythical galactic central sun, if it existed, would be contained within a physical world. Physical worlds are illusionary, being constructed by each soul, frequently in conjunction with others, to allow them to learn the lessons they desire through the experiences they draw to themselves.

A soul does not need to be blanked out to a clear slate since each time it incarnates; it has amnesia for everything it has previously encountered – unless it chooses to have some bleed over from past existences. Each soul can have a complete disconnect from any past if it chooses, so there is no need to wipe away its history. Would you choose to forget how to do arithmetic after learning it in grammar school? This would then prevent you from learning geometry or algebra in high school since you have no basis for advanced knowledge.

Your various suggestions for going to this unknown location are a means to accomplishing astral projection, remote viewing, or bi-location. The only problem for your soul is that each and every one of these practices involves the physical body and mind only and not the eternal soul. And even if the physical body “took” the soul that animates it along for the ride, that is not the entirety of the soul. A piece is always in the unconditional love of Home with Source energy, and other pieces may be elsewhere as the soul chooses.

Why don’t you try using your travel methods to go to Source, in the unconditional love, and talk with the souls there about your ideas of a “hard-drive wipe”? Get a perspective from an eternal soul about your ideas instead of just hearing the opinions of physical, ego-judgmental, Earth-bound, existing-in-duality human beings.