Reason for personality change

QUESTION: Masters there is an old and much loved soul from my previous lives who I met again and fell in love with. We started big and strong, mixture between universal and romantic love, very soon planned to unify for life and give birth to our child (whom we’ve both been honored to meet in her astral form and heard her choice for us to be her parents), but now very suddenly, this man “closed” himself entirely from me, became a totally different person and said we are no good together anymore. What is this sudden change? And why there is still a strong voice inside of me that won’t let me give up even after he started to ignore me and our previously shared values totally? He keeps making promises that he just breaks but still I just find myself hoping and loving him from the bottom of my heart. ~Outi, Finland

ANSWER: This is a soul mate of yours and your feelings have been eternal. What has happened with him is that he has unintentionally invited a negative discarnate being, who does not want to go home to unconditional love, to enter into his body and influence his behavior and thinking. This spirit knows that you reside in almost exclusively positive energy, and that is abrasive to its negativity, so it is trying to get your mate to split up with you. What you see right now is this spirit, not your love.

Your love was tricked into allowing this being to enter him and must consciously tell it to leave. The problem is going to be to talk to your friend at a time when this being isn’t constantly issuing instructions. Before you confront him, send as much unconditional love to him as you are able. Ask friends to do the same thing, all with the intention that he will understand he has a visitor inside and decide to put it out.

Invite your love to come to a place where you have incense burning and a couple of candles lit. Negativity cannot stand either of these things. If you have some spiritual friends, see if any have had experience in getting discarnates to move on. Explain to your love that you sense he has a negative entity on board and you want to help free him from this burden.

If you are successful in getting him at a time the being is upset by the positive candles and incense, have him ask it to leave three times. If you have sage, use it to bathe his body in its smoke, all the time demanding the entity move on. Remind your love of all the plans you had with your daughter and the mutual promises that you made. Maintaining your positivity during this process is vital.