Tuning into Mother Earth

QUESTION: Masters I am grateful for any help you can give and must say thank you for all the help you give us. My question may be simple but still has me confused. Whenever I take the time and sit down out in my back yard after playing with the dog Luna and really listen to nature while admiring the sky, I hear the local minor birds and lorikeets chirping, calling and playing. And as I listen my ears begin thumping, like a vibration drumming on my eardrum. And I was curious as to what this could be, could it be something as simple as tinnitus or other. It mainly occurs when I concentrate on the birds. ~Richard, Australia

ANSWER: Vibrations are everywhere in nature. The Earth has its own frequency, which can be felt within the body if you relax enough to feel it. Your body has its own vibrational field and, the more open and sensitive you become, can join the frequencies around it from nature and the Earth.

Every living thing has a constantly changing energy it sends out, depending on its mood and interaction with others. When you concentrate on the sounds of the birds, and nature around you, your body responds by joining the symphony. Your thumping is the way your body replies to what it is feeling.

Science has been able to measure and record various frequencies that are common to the planet and to things in nature such as living animals and growing plants. Within the cosmos, each planet has its own vibrational frequency that affects everything with which it comes into contact.

For example, solar flares emanating from the sun send vibrational frequency impulses flowing toward Earth, which interfere and interact with electrical devices. Most people are unaware of nature’s signatures unless they open themselves to listening to the chorus.

Try concentrating on other aspects in nature and see what else there is with which to connect. Enjoy.