Dealing with karma

QUESTION: Masters my question is about karma. What is it and how to know what is my karma? If I am indebted to someone, also is someone indebted to me? How can the two situations be resolved? ~Andreia, Brasil

ANSWER: There is much misunderstanding about the word karma. Within Eastern religions and practices, it implies that one who acts in a way that is considered to be negative is responsible for balancing that energy with performing a positive act of equal strength as a type of punishment.

In the spiritual practice, where negativity only exists on planet Earth, nothing is right or wrong and no one carries over punishments from one life to another or one act to another. The only type of punishment that exists is what society enforces against one whose actions go against the laws established to protect the majority of the people, and then that takes place in the same existence.

Souls come into a body (incarnate) to be able to use their freedom of choice to learn lessons. This is done in negative settings, since lessons are presented in negativity, and people have to see that they can learn by choosing the positive opposite of this negative test. If their choice has them going against the law, such as murdering another to see what ultimate control feels like, they must pay the consequences of Earth justice by going to jail. But that is not karma. They were aware beforehand what society thought about their actions and knew the resulting payment that would be required.

All souls undertake their Earth voyage as a solo journey; they aren’t connected to the actions of another and no one is dependent upon them. In other words, you are not indebted to anyone, and no one owes you anything. Be truthful and honest with yourself in the lessons you work through.

Understand and establish a strong degree of self-love for the difficult tasks you decided to come to Earth to perform. Acknowledge that you may involve others along the way in your travels, but the spiritual journey itself is your responsibility.