Feelings from ego and soul

QUESTION: Masters how can I tell difference between ego-based feelings (falling in love) compared to true feelings of higher self (love)? I met new person: I feel surprisingly strong about him although I hardly know him. Is it my ego falling in love or is he someone I made deals before this life? ~Ulrika, Finland

ANSWER: Ego really doesn’t have feelings; it merely has judgments. Within ego, things are good or bad, right or wrong, better than or less than. Feelings are the sensations you get when you identify with an emotion or energetic sensation and it either resonates with you or repels you.

Ego is based on thoughts, things such as opinions that have been stored in your head/mind from what you have heard, read, or seen. Basically it comes from the general thinking of the society where the ideas originated. It has nothing to do with input from you, yourself.

If someone is ultra-nice to you and says they love you, then you assume they are serious because that is what society tells you love looks like. If another never mentions the love word but you sense with every sensory part of your body that they love, want, and respect you, then you feel loved. The first is a judgment based on ego, while the second is your soul using your own evaluation from feeling things you have catalogued from this lifetime and others.

The energy surrounding a person also gives you an indication of their true intention. If they have little negativity and exude positive love energy, you know they are love and mean what they say or imply. You and your new beau didn’t make specific plans for this lifetime other than to meet at some time to see where you were in your respective journeys and if you wished to explore each other in this life.