Fetuses and their souls

QUESTION: Masters is the soul present at the point of conception? Or at what point does the soul enter the human body or fetus? ~Holly, USA

ANSWER: When a soul is ready for a human experience, it chooses the parents who will help set up the scenario it seeks for its desired life lessons. It places a marker, a tiny attachment to the fetus who is beginning to grow. Rarely, if ever, does the soul completely sit in the fetus for the entire gestation period. A new soul who has not had too many incarnate experiences generally spends more time in the fetus than an older soul who has done it many times. Most find it boring to just sit there and observe the actions of the mother.

During development of a body, the soul is too busy saying good-byes to associates, planning other adventures, and visiting other locations. It will be in and out of the fetus so that it may partake in some of the pregnancy events while not missing out on completing departure visits to old acquaintances. A part always remains within.

The soul has to be in the fetus when it emerges from the mother in order for the body to be viable. If the soul completely leaves the fetus – removes the connection – the fetus dies or is stillborn. The soul has until the moment of the fetus emerging from the mother to decide whether or not it wishes to be born. It may also determine after birth that it has taken on more than it wishes (or perhaps it has made an agreement with the parents for them to experience the loss of a baby), and then it leaves and “crib death” is blamed.

The soul is never completely contained in the human body. Part of the soul’s essence remains in the unconditional love of Home with Source energy. During periods of sleep, meditation, and hypnosis, the soul may send more of itself off to other locations.