Others don’t accept my perspective

QUESTION: Masters, I live an incredibly happy life. I have an amazing job that makes me happy and I am thankful to love what I do for a living. I am independent, smart and beautiful. Lastly, I am surrounded by amazing, extremely thoughtful and caring people. Conversely, regardless of all these magnificent things in my life, I always feel as if something is missing. I feel lost, alone, and completely different than others in specific regards to my thoughts, opinions and outlooks on life. I also realize I am frequently misunderstood. People interpret my great intentions for them negatively as if I am trying to sabotage them. For this reason I am unable to trust and truly open up emotionally to anyone and everyone. What is it that I am missing? What is it that I need to understand in order to progress positively in my life? ~Max, USA

ANSWER: You have to understand that a spiritual journey is a solo effort. You, and you alone, determine what you learn and understand about life. You have no responsibility for others and they have no need to listen to you telling them what to do, no matter how well-intentioned you think you are. You are a very opinionated person and can’t always see others’ point of view.

Each soul creates its own reality, which is perfect for it viewed from its perspective. You know your abilities but you cannot let go of your expectations for those with whom you come in contact. You cannot stand rejection, which is how you interpret people’s choices to make decisions that vary from your ideas.

Stop taking yourself so seriously. Go with the flow of the universe and let others do the same. Your trust issues come from differing with those you do not control with your suggestions. Try going into observation mode and watching how people behave when you are leaving them to their own devices.

Establish a positive relationship with someone where you just listen – no suggestions and no criticism. See if you can understand their reasoning. Be honest with them about your feelings but not your need to control. When you are comfortable, let your emotions open so you can see how it feels. Solicit their opinions on the things you would have “shared” with them in the past and see how it impacts you, for this is a new way of living for you.